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Working Dogs

We have training sessions for all types of working dogs at all levels – from beginners to experienced handlers looking to improve their skills and take their dog to the next level.
You and your dog are guaranteed a great day out with us at one of our two location. We have purpose built training centres in Cobbitty NSW and also two hours south of Sydney at Marulan.
Our trainer, Tony Mulvihill, has years of training working dogs and specialises in training urban working dogs.
Please be patient with us as we upgrade our website. At this stage we are only taking bookings via email.
We offer:
Beginner Workshops – perfect for those just wanting to start out

Small Group Classes – for those who have attended a workshop already

One to One Classes – private tuition for handlers and dogs
For more than 30 years our head trainer, Tony Mulvihill, has been breeding and training working dogs – kelpies, border collies, koolies and blends of all kinds. More than 2000 working dogs – many living in towns and cities  – have gone through the Downunder Working Dogs workshops at our purpose built locations.
Tony’s philosophy around dog training has been shaped by his experiences and mentorships under the late US horse whisperer, Tom Dorrance,  the late Australian champion herding dog trainer and breeder, Greg Prince and the legendary Mick Hudson.
While, like many of us, Tony used to become frustrated with his working dogs and couldn’t understand why they couldn’t understand English, his training program has now become one focused on drastically improving his relationship with his dogs, looking at life through their lens, helping them to discover and explore their natural herding instincts.
No rakes, no yelling, no threats or aggression are used in the workshops. You will find Tony’s methods of training dogs – whether it is to take their sheep herding skills to a new level or manage unwanted behaviour – to be gentle, persuasive and successful.
He has been featured on the Living Room, where he worked with celebrity vet, Dr Chris Brown and his rescue dog, Buzz, and on the ABC Landline, along with numerous media and press coverage during his career.
Many of his proteges have gone on to success in herding and sheep dog trials but his primary motivation is to share his knowledge and experience with everyone who wants learn more about their working dogs, regardless of where they live.
You can read more about Tony’s work as a dog whisperer here


These are one day group sessions for beginners with around 6-8 attendees in each and are run on Sundays. Perfect for those wanting to start out.

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Smaller sessions on Wednesdays for those who have already attended a beginner session and would like to refine both handler and pups skills.

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one to one

Available by appointment only. Handlers are able to book a one to one, private session with Tony himself. New or return welcome.

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